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Quality Retail Shopping

Are you a quality retail shopper or do you buy what's cheaper knowing it's only going to last you a short period of time? Most shoppers go straight for what's cheap. I get I'm right there with you!

Getting a deal is everyone's goal. But sometimes you do get what you pay for. As an interior designer and a home owner my self I try to shop smart. I wait for sales at those higher quality stores, so I know I will get something that's going to last me.

All the furniture we have in our shop is just that! High quality, gently used, but guess what still great enough to sale again and not throw in a dumpster after only a few years.

We carry those higher quality brands and we limit the age of each item that can come into the shop as no older than 5 years old. We price base on age, condition & we professionally clean fabric items.

The idea of the shop is to offer all these beautiful gently owned items as a discounted price so that we all can have Quality!

Quality vs Quantity.

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